Removing Dead Trees in South Jersey

When it comes to removing dead trees, look no further than JMA Tree Service. Learn why dead tree removal is important for the health, safety and appeal of your residential property. JMA Tree Service is a fully licensed, insured and experienced professional tree company offering affordable removals and clean up.

Removing Dead Trees and Why it’s Important

When it comes time for removing dead trees, it’s a common practice for homeowners all over the United States to ignore them on their property. Maybe it’s considered a waste of money or that hopefully it will just fall down into a neatly stacked pile to be removed. Ignoring a tree that is dying in the forest might be ok, but a dead tree on your South Jersey property is a problem waiting to happen. Here are a few considerations that South Jersey homeowners should take into account.

Don’t Ignore the Danger!

Let’s face the facts. Tens of thousands of trees die within the South Jersey area every year, either from storms, life span or disease. We can’t stop this normal occurrence, but we can prevent a future issue from occurring, especially to residents and commercial businesses.

Removing Dead Trees is Prudent for Safety

The danger lies in the dead tree on your property that’s being ignored. No matter what the cause of the dead tree it should be removed to prevent its fall. A falling high tree will cause serious destruction to a car, house, and fence or may even cost someone their life. Homeowners insurance will usually cover some of the cost, but after only paying a $500 to a $1,000 deductible. This cost would be the best-case scenario. Most dead falling trees always strike something do to their massive height. Furthermore, the bigger the tree, the heavier they are, and that equates to even more damage.

Of course, every situation is different and if it’s your neighbor’s property this may certainly cause a strain on your relationship, especially if they were aware of the tree’s condition prior to it’s falling. Although not as frequent, falling trees do cause personal injuries and even death. Ignoring these potential dangers is certainly a mistake for South Jersey homeowners. Removing a dead tree before storm season should be a priority. JMA will receive hundreds of emergency calls after a storm has swept through the South Jersey area. Many of these emergency calls could have been avoided if the customer made the dead tree a priority to be removed. The only thing a homeowner should be concerned with as a storm approaches is shutting the windows on your home.

It’s a Hotel for Bugs, Critters and Disease!

Dead Trees Can Appear Healthy

Dead trees are extremely attractive to ants, bees and other boring wood insects. In South Jersey rotten and hollow trees are homes for raccoons, squirrels, bats and foxes. These bugs and unwelcome animals create more problems for the homeowners beyond the worry of the damages from a falling tree. South Jersey homeowners can add animal control bills and pest companies to the list of cost associated with a dead tree on your property, not to mention not being able to enjoy your property with fears of bee stings and animal intrusion.

There are many diseases that affect trees in general. This article isn’t to teach the reader about different types of tree diseases, but to make homeowners in South Jersey aware that a diseased tree will transfer infection to other trees and plants within your yard. It’s common to see a few dead trees within a grouped area that has become infected by the host. Tree disease spreads easily through wind and rain droplets that are carried to new plant life around your property. Trees that seem perfectly healthy & green may in fact be diseased & dying. The well trained experts at JMA Tree Service will easily spot them and recommend an affordable removal. Homeowners within South Jersey spend a considerable amount of time beautifying their properties; don’t let one bad apple spoil the entire bunch!

Removing Dead Trees May Cost Less!

There are many factors surrounding costs for tree removal within the South Jersey area. The height of the tree, the location of the tree and circumference of the tree are some of the considerations when estimating tree removal. JMA tends to be price aggressive regarding dead tree removal. Make no mistake about it; a professional tree company should be hired for such a project. Dead trees are very unpredictable and create obstacles that the untrained eye just can’t predict. Dead trees may crumble, shift or break off at the top from climbing or cutting. The risks are high and JMA tree service has the highest safety standards in the industry. Having trained uniform staff provides a peace of mind to our Cherry Hill customers that they are receiving the very best service at affordable pricing.

Cleaning Up the Mess is Part of the Job!

South Jersey customers have always prided themselves on the beauty of their landscaping. Over the years JMA has ensured that customers were happy about the final results. Dead trees especially can make quite a mess, but rest assured, we will take the tree and leave your property clean.

Our objective isn’t to quickly remove the tree and jump to the next project. Our inner office staff will work closely with South Jersey homeowners to ensure that their property was thoroughly cleaned and the service we provide is top-notch. Call our office and inquire about our free estimates, one of our trained tree specialist will arrive at your property and provide you with a free estimate. Let JMA solve your dead tree problem before it becomes a bigger one.

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