Reasons to Call a Tree Service Company

When it comes to reasons to call a tree service company, there are many. Some are common sense, but many are not so obvious. Look for these 5 reasons to call JMA Tree Service in South Jersey. We’ll professionally handle your tree removals, tree trimming and all stump grinding.

First Reason to Call a Tree Service: The Tree Is Dead

Reason to call a tree company: dead treeIf you don’t know reasons to call a Tree Service, look first for Dead Trees! Dead trees should be removed for several reasons. That one tree could impact and sicken other healthy trees on your property. When Mildew, Mold and other diseases are present they have the ability to impact healthy trees and other forms of landscaping on your Cherry Hill property. Dead trees aren’t attractive and can devalue your property when its time to sell your home. Branches and peeling bark can certainly make your property appear un-kept and give a potential buyer the leverage for lower price offers. Consider addressing the issue of a dead tree without delay. Dead trees present an accident waiting to happen in fact J.M.A tree service receives hundreds of calls each year from customers that wished they had addressed their dead tree issue ahead of time. As a local family tree business with strong ties to our service area, we have discovered that many homeowners end up paying insurance deductibles that all could have been avoided if they had just had the tree removed prior to the storm.

2nd Reason: The Tree Is Leaning

Image showing leaning treesTree leaning is a common occurrence and happens for several reasons. Many trees will naturally lean towards the sun, often appearing to lean. That’s why Cherry Hill homeowners should inspect their trees during the spring months. Checking to see if the tree appears healthy is a great practice for South Jersey homeowners. Trees that lean could have damage roots this occurs from wind or soil issues. As New Jersey’s climate changes we encounter more sever storms with heavy wind speeds. These weather systems produce flooding and soaking rain, which increases the water tables in the ground weakening the trees ability to maintain a good root structure or foundation.

3rd Reason: Cavities on Tree Trunks

Reason to call a tree company: cavity in treeTree Hallow is a cavity in a living tree that can be caused by several factors. Tree cavities are an injury to the tree, but they also can occur naturally through self-pruning. This is when a tree drops lower branches as they grow and mature. Trees may look sturdy and healthy, but depending on the size of the cavity they can cause a tree to fall under certain conditions. Cavities are a breeding ground for disease and critters to seek refuge and may need to be addressed. It’s important to understand that not all hallow trees need attention and do not need to be filled in. What is important is to speak with a Tree arborist or contact J.M.A tree experts to examine the cavity and provide insight to the course of action you should take moving forward.

4th Reason: The Proximity to Your Home

Reasons to call a treee service company close treesIf a tree is either hanging over your house, or even if the branches are hanging on your Cherry Hill roof, chances are it’s too close to the house. This doesn’t mean it should be removed instantly, it simply requires a closer look. Trees that scrape on the house or roof can and will cause damage over time, but what is more important lies below. Trees cause moisture in soil, which fluctuate and expand the ground. Ground moisture is essential for the trees overall growth and provides nutrients for the trees health. During this process, growing roots and moisture next to a house foundation can be a serious issue. This pressure combined with moisture can shift and crack a foundation providing structural issues and water to enter the basement. J.M.A has successfully removed many trees that promote these issues. A highly trained and experienced company should only remove trees next to a house. Cherry Hill homeowners should do their due diligence when choosing a tree removal company for such a project.

Last reason to Call a Tree Service: Exposed Roots

Reasons to call a treee service company exposed rootsSo you have big roots! What should be done about it? Roots that are exposed can create a tripping hazard, but that’s not the big issue here. Many Cherry Hill homes have snaking roots traveling through their grass, which makes it tough to cut the lawn and can make your lawn appear un-kept. It’s never a good idea to start pruning tree roots, because they are extremely important to a trees health. Some homeowner may try to cover the roots with topsoil and new grass, but this remedy never ends up well, because this will cause root shock and damage the trees overall health. So what is your best course of action? Call the Experts at J.M.A tree service, our goal isn’t to just cut down your trees for profit it’s our goal to educate our customers on many passive avenues to preserve their trees. Many customers are shocked after we inform them that creating a simple mulch bed under the trees canopy, which covers the roots is an effective way to preserve a tree life without removing it.

J.M.A tree service has been providing tree education and removal options throughout the Cherry Hill area for years. Our honest and up-front approach has gained us a stellar reputation within South Jersey. If your trees need attention and you have question on the best course of action, then call J.M.A Trees and experience a professional and educated approach that has made us number in the Cherry Hill area.

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