Emergency Tree Service Checklist

Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service becomes necessary quite often in South Jersey. JMA Tree Service provides 24/7 emergency services in the event of falling trees, storms and other catastrophes. We’ve put together a handy guide so you’ll know what to do when disaster strikes.

Emergency Checklist When a Tree Falls on your House

Most people do not have a contingency plan when a tree falls on their house or property. Moorestown customers don’t want to think about a worse case scenario. However, thinking ahead and making plans can help you remain safe as possible in the unlikely event that a falling tree damages your house or property.

JMA tree service would like to assist you with some important information to keep you safe. Consider some key points below.

1. Protect your Family and Pedestrians Before your Property

When a tree falls on your house your first reaction is to run outside to inspect the damage. JMA wants you to stop and think before you run out of the door to inspect. Check your family’s welfare and safety first to ensure everyone is ok and safeguard your pets. Attempt to observe the damage from a window or a doorway to assess the possible dangers that may lie ahead. Searching for tripping hazards and additional branches that may fall after the initial fall are important considerations. One of the most important considerations Moorestown customers need to be mindful of is down electrical wires. Falling trees will always bring down electric wiring. These wires do not need to be smoking or sparking to harm or kill you. Live wires are sometimes hard to notice on a blacktop driveway or they can be camouflaged in the branches and debris lying around.

Keep your family secure and in a safe area. Do not start a clean up until you have visually inspected the areas that are damaged. If electrical wires are lying off of the house, call emergency services or dial 911 to report the unsafe conditions. It’s important not to unplug or touch anything that can carry an electrical current. Emergency service will cut the power to your Moorestown property and begin repairs.

2. Preventing Further Damage to Your Home

After visually inspecting the hidden dangers it’s time to step out when it’s safe. If a storm has brought a tree down, ensure the storm has passed and the threat has diminished. Stand away and look up for potential secondary falling debris, if things appear relatively safe, then remove the vehicles if needed. Don’t remove or arrange anything until your last step.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company and Photograph the scene

If you have visually inspected your South Jersey property and you have determined it safe to leave the house, bring a camera or your mobile phone. When large storms strike its important to document the scene and damages to protect you moving forward. A solid record of the damages will assist your claim with the insurance company moving forward. It’s common for insurance companies to be backlogged when a major storm event occurs. Homeowner’s may not have the ability to leave everything as is and wait for an insurance adjuster to arrive days or weeks later.

Take pictures of your house in and out if damages have occurred. Inside photos should show any and all damages relating to the event. If your carpets are soaked from rainfall or your belongings outside are damaged they should be photographed demonstrating the damages they suffered. This documentation will provide a clear description, so you may be compensated for your losses. Your video should be at a distance and include a short narrative of how things happened and the damages the tree caused. It is essential to be specific and not provide personal feelings during this time. Provide a clear and concise description of the event with approximate time frames and other pertinent information.

4. Don’t Take Matters into Your Own Hands

JMA Emergency Tree ServiceHundreds of homeowners suffer injuries while attempting to remove trees and debris from their properties. A fallen or laying tree is still considered a dangerous issue and should be left to experts for its removal. Cutting or pulling at trees can cause serious bodily injury or more property damage. If you live in Moorestown New Jersey and your in need of emergency tree service, call the experts at JMA tree service.

Our local family owned company has been providing award winning emergency services to the South Jersey area for years! We will arrive with professionally lettered trucks and highly trained staff that will ensure your tree removal is completed with the highest standards in the industry. We approach all emergency services with a keen eye and the utmost professionalism. Call now for a free estimate!

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