Tree Service Peace of Mind for Homeowners

Tree Service companies in South New Jersey are easily located on the internet, social media and by referrals. When you are searching for tree service peace of mind in south Jersey however, look no further than JMA who will stand out because of their safety reputation and the insurance they carry to protect homeowners.

Tree Service Peace of Mind with JMA

Tree Service Peace of MindDid you know that the most commonly reported causes of injuries in Tree Service include falls, being struck by falling objects, and chain saw lacerations? Also did you know that some Tree removal companies are under-insured and don’t carry the proper insurance coverage? In addition,  insurance companies will deny a claim, because the company is under-insured. This leaves the customer to enter into a court proceeding to recoup damages.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, tree work is the most dangerous industry to work for, with over 200 people dying every year from tree falling-related accidents. Unfortunately, many Medford, New Jersey homeowners are unaware of these potential dangers associated with tree removal. Having a fairly large tree removed from your property may just be the most dangerous work you’ll ever have done while living at your property. Most of the time South Jersey customers never consider this at all, until an accident occurs.

Tree Service Peace of Mind with Insurance

Tree Service Peace of MindNo tree company likes paying a premium for a solid insurance policy and some companies may choose a policy that doesn’t cover them properly in the event of an accident. At JMA Tree Service, having the correct level of Insurance and New Jersey Worker’s Comp is essential in protecting our customers, as well as our staff in the field. Normally these policies come with a heavy price tag, but professional businesses usually refuse to cut corners. It’s important for Medford customers to inquire about insurance when shopping around for tree removal services. Tree companies that offer extremely cheap prices might be a red flag that the proper insurance isn’t in place. Hiring these types of inferior tree service companies might leave a residential or commercial customer with a devastating experience if an unfortunate event would occur.

PRO TIP: Medford customers should be encouraged to ask the contractor for a copy of insurance and even take it a step further and contact the insurance provider to verify the correct insurance is in place before the customers give the go ahead.

Tree Safety and Hazard Control

Hazard control and analysis should be an important aspect when operating a Tree removal business. Medford customers want trees to be removed, and if the price fits they make a deal. On the business side, owners should consider the dangers associated with tree removal and each tree removal project should be examined before the start of the project. Each project requires a trained eye and an intelligent approach to the overall safety of that project. Project tree managers look at the location of the tree to other dwellings, height of the tree and the condition of the tree.

JMA meets these observations with safety practices or safety controls, which will limit the exposure of a potential accident. This requires a seasoned and well-trained tree specialist to evaluate each and every project differently. Some companies consider these safety practices or standards to interfere with the over financial earnings, but JMA tree service will not shortcut the overall safety of any project we perform. JMA has the highest safety standards and will ensure a safe working environment for our employees and as well as our future customers.
Tree Service Peace of Mind with Safety

Tree Service Peace of Mind with Safety

When it comes to protecting our employees with protective personal equipment, JMA creates the standard! You will see our staff dressed in reflective clothing and climbing gear. Workers will tie-off and meet all safety standards. All of our highly trained staff are JMA Tree Service Safetyproperly trained in specific fall arrest safety harnesses. Medford residences will discover several JMA employees on each project. Every employee will monitor each other. Our tree crews train to maintain excellent communication and work methodically through the entire project. Other companies are saving on laborer costs and equipment costs. We do not cut these costs. Cutting costs creates a recipe for disaster. JMA will never compromise on safety.  Therefore JMA will always try to offer great pricing, but cutting back on safety is never our practice.

We have the highest safety standards within New Jersey. JMA tree service will arrive at your Medford, New Jersey property with the correct amount of insurance, properly trained staff and the proper personal protective equipment. Our local family business prides itself on protecting our workers and customers on each project we perform. If you’re in our service area and would like to meet with one of our trained specialist to discuss a project, please feel free to contact us. Please visit our reviews and photos online and you’ll discover what makes JMA tree service a cut above the rest.

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