JMA Tree service stump grinding

Professional Stump Removal

JMA Tree service provides professional stump removal for South Jersey residents. We have over a decade of experience serving Marlton, Berlin, Medford, Moorestown and Cherry Hill. Rely on our skilled team of licensed and registered arborists for your next tree trimming or professional stump removal services.

What is stump removal?

jma tree service cut stumpStumps as they’re called are the bottom remnants of the tree trunk that was recently cut down or has fallen. The remaining stump protrudes above the ground, while roots (still attached) are below the ground line. Obviously stumps need to be removed, and for good reason. JMA Tree Service offers professional stump removal. First, let’s take a look at the reasons WHY stumps should be removed.

  1. Stumps are hazards – besides presenting an obvious tripping hazard, stumps interfere with grounds keeping as well as they’ll require working around them. In addition, stumps can become overgrown with grass or weeds, and no one can see them. They present in this case an unseen danger. Stumps close to the curb or sidewalk may interfere with pedestrian traffic as well.
  2. Stumps can re-sprout – Stumps, if left untreated, may begin to re-grow sprouts. This makes the area unappealing and the new growth can be difficult to remove. If left to overgrow, stumps become very unsightly nuisances and hazards.
  3. Fungal growth – Stumps can eventually begin to rot and decay, encouraging fungal growth typically. This contamination if left untreated can become a health hazard and even wind up infecting the surrounding turf.

How are stumps removed?

jma tree service stump grinder

Some tree service companies in South Jersey will attempt to dig out the stump. However most, like JMA Tree Service will use stump grinding. Stump grinding uses heavy machinery to carefully grind the stump down (much like you would use sandpaper on wood) to ultimately disintegrate the stump.

Our industrial stump grinding machines make short work of this task. Stumps are ground down to include surface roots, turning most f the material into mulch. The leftover roots are usually 6-10 inches below the surface and will die over time. The remaining grinds or mulch is used to back-fill the hole and level the entire area. In addition the mulch can provide essential nutrients necessary for regrowth of the area. Eventually truf can be replanted or seeded in those areas.

What are the benefits of professional stump removal?

JMA Tree Service uses highly sophisticated stump grinding machines. In addition, in every service we perform, we try to minimize damage and impact to the surrounding area and landscape, including trees. Our stump grinder for example contain turf-friendly tracks, to enable it to maneuver without harm to the underlying area.

To schedule professional stump removal, simply fill out the quick quote form below or call us at (609) 929-7728.